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OptimiZ is an innovative, scalable and comprehensive service package that goes far beyond standard Operation and Maintenance.
Based on a strong partnership with our client, OptimiZ offers a one-stop shop for all operation and maintenance activities that allow to efficiently manage five main elements

Maintenance cost reduction and life cycle optimization
  • Equipment life cycle enhancement
  • Pay for the end result
  • Reduce administrative tasks, human resources, and payroll management costs
Facility reliability and operational continuity
  • Benefit from better practices within a large building portfolio
  • Quickly identify irregularities before breakdown
Plan expenses for equipment replacement in due timeQuality control and Health and Safety
  • Integrate quality control processes in daily activities. Prevent our clients, employees and collaborators from physical and environmental accidents
  • Meet safety, comfort and environment requirements
Customer service and end user comfort
  • Focus on client satisfaction in our day-to-day activities
  • Communicate clearly
  • Create a trained and motivated team to guarantee tenant health, comfort and satisfaction.
Energy and environment efficiency
  • Have access to a comprehensive energy program
  • Benefit from guaranteed results according to pre-agreed benchmarks
  • Obtain assistance or advice regarding environment certifications
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