Mission and Values





To contribute to the appreciation of physical assets by providing their owners and users with superior quality management and multi-technical services that meet or exceed their expectations.


Supporting our vision and our mission, our values are focused on four major orientations:

Our clients - Our clients' success is our success

  • Excellence in service and a sympathetic ear:
    Client satisfaction is first and foremost.
  • Ethics and honesty:
    Our ethics and commercial practices are exemplary; we strive for long-term relationships with our clients and business partners.
  • Reliability and innovation:
    We honour our commitments no matter what; our innovative and value-added solutions are well-adapted to each individual client's needs.

Our employees - Our most important asset

  • Empowerment and teamwork:
    Honest work by all, in a spirit of cooperation and focused on the client, is key to achieving our objectives.
  • Enthusiasm and commitment:
    Our work environment is challenging and rewarding, conducive to surpassing oneself.
  • Respect and support:
    We put as much emphasis on our employees' professional development as on their personal well-being.

Our business - Ensuring its strength and growth

  • Leadership:
    We maintain our position as leaders in the industry by continually improving our skills, processes and systems.
  • Creating value for our shareholders:
    Profitability is essential to the sustainability of our organization and the development of our company and personnel.
  • Business relationships:
    Our subcontractors and suppliers are also our partners; they contribute to our success.

Our community - Improving the quality of life

  • Environmental awareness:
    All our operations are conducted in full respect for the environment.
  • Responsible citizenship:
    We encourage and support employee involvement in their community.

COFELY Services has adopted a flexible yet strong structure, based on best practices, allowing the organization to respond to the various operational requirements of its numerous customers. This structure is regularly updated to reflect our development and that of our customers and technology.

We apply COFELY Services procedures in operations, human resources, training, health and safety, procurement, accounting and finances, quality, energy efficiency, project management, etc.

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