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From the Company’s beginning, the COFELY Services Technological Services team has developed a remarkable expertise by developing a unique and complete energy management program. This program combines the design expertise of engineers with the practical expertise of the technicians who operate the facilities.

Through its energy management contracts, COFELY Services is directly responsible for the energy consumption of an impressive number of buildings. Energy budgets for buildings under contract are upward of $30 million. Since electromechanical systems are responsible for 50% to 65% of a building’s energy consumption, COFELY Services focuses its efforts and skills on proper maintenance and optimization of these systems.

Start-up of energy management contracts begins with a complete energy audit, resulting in clear objectives. This audit leads to the optimization of all operating and maintenance procedures, providing cost savings without requiring any investment. The achievement of objectives is validated and recorded on a daily basis, and the team’s specialists perform periodic follow-up visits, used to validate the procedures and schedules used with COFELY Services’ operating personnel.

In each instance, the optimization of existing equipment is the priority. Once done, the energy efficiency projects identified during the audit are proposed. Once completed, and if necessary, these projects will improve the condition of the facilities and generate additional savings.

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