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In order to satisfy the requirements of their customers to sub-contract those activities which do not form part of their core-business, and with an eye to offering them a single provider for the totality of the subsidiary and technical services they need, COFELY Services has developed important know-how in the field of Facilities Management and Services.

COFELY Services is able to operate with the same focus on quality in:

  • Space management and relocation problems
  • Telephone and intercoms management, IT support
  • The management of fittings and the re-supply of equipment
  • The management of printed material, reproduction systems and document shredding
  • Cleaning, the legal removal of waste and the maintenance of asbestos inventories,
  • The upkeep of green areas and security
  • The organisation of transport and the management of car pools
  • Reception and intake services
  • Civil engineering
  • Any other services on request

The Facilities Management section of COFELY Services places specialists at the disposal of their customers. They are able to assist in seeking better solutions from the commercial approach up to the operational follow-through of the contracts subsequently negotiated.

They thus take part in negotiations, price research, the quest for synergies between the various sub-contractors, the publication of the specifications, the choice of suppliers and operational on-site follow-ups.

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