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What is district energy?

District energy systems produce steam, hot water or chilled water at a central energy centre. The steam or water is distributed in pre-insulated pipe work, to individual buildings for space heating, domestic hot water and air conditioning. As a result, individual buildings served by a district energy system don't require their own boilers or chillers. District Energy is widely recognized as a sustainable, cost-effective solution to the provision of heating, cooling and power and scores highly in environmental assessment schemes such as LEED.

COFELY District Energy Expertise

COFELY operates thousands of district heating and cooling systems in Europe, including the cities of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Lisbon, Monaco, and Paris. With this knowledge, COFELY has the expertise to provide a comprehensive turnkey service for District Energy, including:

  • Initial feasibility/financial viability studies
  • Provision of finance for project
  • System design
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Project management of associated work
  • Ongoing operation and maintenance
  • Contract energy management
  • Makes more efficient use of plant than distributed systems
  • Lower capital expenditure
  • Lower operation expenses
  • Enhanced opportunities for Low or Zero Carbon Technologies
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Opportunity to sell power to the grid or directly to consumers
  • Environmental regulation compliance
  • Future proof energy supplies
Some References around the World

COFELY operates a number of District Energy schemes throughout Europe, many of which were financed, designed and constructed by COFELY.


Designed and constructed by COFELY, the Energy Centers will serve the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and other buildings with heat, power and cooling, and continue to serve buildings in the area when the Games are completed.


GDF Suez owned Climaspace, Paris' district cooling system, is one of the largest ice water cooling systems in the world.


The Districlima scheme in Barcelona was designed, constructed and maintained by GDF SUEZ. It was Spain's first urban heating and cooling district network.


At Overhoeks in the Netherlands, a heating and cooling network linked to an underground energy storage system was designed and constructed by GDF SUEZ, and COFELY, which also delivers ongoing operation and maintenance.
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