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"BOMA BESt is the next evolution of BOMA Canada's Go Green program. BESt stands for Building Environmental Standards, and represents the direction of the commercial real estate industry in Canada and BOMA Canada's role in providing the mechanisms for common practices across the industry."

COFELY Services helps its clients to obtain the BOMA BESt voluntary environmental certification from the Building Owners Managers Association (BOMA). BOMA BESt provides a framework for environmental management by helping managers to differentiate buildings in tight markets and is a value-add for tenants.

  • Energy (energy consumption, features, management, transportation)
  • Water (water efficiency)
  • Resources (waste reduction and recycling; site)
  • Emissions, Effluents and Other Impacts (air emissions; ozone depletion; water effluents, hazardous materials, hazardous products, health & safety and WHMIS)
  • Indoor Environment (indoor air, lighting, noise)
  • Environmental Management (Environment Management System documentation, purchasing policy, emergency response, tenant awareness, communications)
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