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Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

The concept of Public-private partnership (PPP) has become an efficient and effective way to develop or replace public infrastructures. In a PPP project all partners pool together their specific fields of expertise, thus creating added value. This notion has a real risk sharing, which enables the customer to overlook the cost evolution as part of a long term contract.

COFELY Services performs tailored PPP projects over ten years in many sectors of activities such as: hospitals, prison, public transit, sports facilities, etc. These mandates include strict performance criteria, covering the activities of facilities management (hard & soft) and the management of energy consumption with guarantee of performance. They also include responsibility for asset maintenance over long periods.

What we offer:

  • Analysis of requirements
  • Concept drafting
  • Proposal and offer
  • Project implementation and management
  • Maintenance, operation and facility management
  • Energy management
  • Facility management
  • High-quality services, long-term vision and commitment to results


  • Fixed investment amount and fixed operational subsidies
  • Measurable and well-defined service level
  • Balanced spread of cost and risk between public and private sectors
  • Maximum utilization of the specific experience and know-how of all partners
  • Improved deadline and budget control
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